About me

Hi. I'm a student developer from The Netherlands, with knowledge of C, C++, Javascript and Node.JS. My main focus is growing together with your dev team. I like discussing different developing methods. It has always been a goal of mine to become smarter day by day. Everything that has a printed circuit board is interesting for me.

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Jarno D'Hauw website

Jarno is a young racing driver with the goal of becoming a Lamborghini factory driver. The website is made for people who want to follow him more during his season, with monthly updates and results. I also do the video editing and iRacing livery's for Jarno.

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Cycling Code

I've spent some time to create this iOS and Android app. It gives the rider information about the weather, and what to wear. It also shows the wind direction.


Electron boilerplate

I've spent some time to create the most basic electron boilerplate; I use this one a lot. It just makes starting up a project considerable less effort. I created a lot of applications with this boilerplate, and still am. So please take a look, and download it when you want to develop an electron application.



X-Guard is a life-saving company. I spent most of my time doing front-end work on the application. It is a react-native developed application and still in development.



IJsvrij is an application for the ice-skating team of Deventer. The teachers of the ice-skating club give lessons, and they grade their students. Our app is available for Android and iOS and has a desktop application in electron. It also uses data storage to make offline usage an extra functionality.

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